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The "Bonaqua" Website is launched to provide consumers with an easy and reliable one-stop solution for carboy and beverages order online. In this Tour, we will introduce a few simple steps to enjoy our service.

A. New Member Registration – Register to get access to the water replenishment online platform completely free of charge!
  1. Log into the "Bonaqua" Website at http://www.bonaqua.com.hk/.  
  2. Click in “Register” in the first page.

  3. Indicate your Customer Type.

  4. Read the Agreement and select “Accept”, then press "Next" to continue if you agree.
  5. Enter your login information. On the information page you will be able to place instant order from our selected items. We will confirm your order by phone shortly. When finish, click “Submit”.
  6. A “Thank you” note will be displayed after you finish the registration process. If you are new customer, you will be contacted by phone to confirm your identity within 2 working days. If you are existing customer who registers Bonaqua website, an activation link will be sent to your registered email address within 2 working days.
B. Order Now – Shopping around in our website is easy and fun!
  1. Select “Order Now” from the Menu Bar.
  2. Choose the product classification. You can select to classify products under Brand, Category, Package in the menu bar, and then choose from the moving filter on the right hand side of the screen.
  3. Click “Add to cart” to add products into your Shopping Cart. You can then change the quantity in the Shopping Cart.
  4. You can bookmark your favourite products into “My Product” list for future shopping.
  5. Continue to shop for desired products from the catalogue. After finish, click “Check Out”.

  6. A “Checkout Summary” will be displayed. Please indicate the Delivery Date and Payment Method. Make sure all the order details are correct.
  7. If your current order contains frequently purchased items, you can save the list as your Quick Checkout shopping list for future order by selecting the “Save as Quick Checkout list” option at the bottom of the Confirmation Summary. Once established, you can retrieve the list to perform speedy purchase by selecting the “Quick Checkout” function in the Home page.
  8. If you would like to save your current shopping list for future order, you can save the list as your customized shopping list by selecting the “Save as My Shopping List” option at the bottom of the confirmation summary. You can name the shopping lists customized for different occasions under different names and retrieve the list by selecting Order Now>My Shopping List.
  9. Click “Confirm Order” if all the information in the Checkout Summary is correct. This will complete your order.



C. Credit Card Payment – Easy way to pay online instantly
  1. If you select 'Credit Card' in the Payment Method on checkout page, a notification message will appear introducing the online payment gateway service.
  2. Please note that minimum of HK$200 order needs to be made for credit card payment.
  3. After pressing the 'Confirm Order' button, a new window will appear to redirect you to HSBC's online payment gateway web page to process online payment instantly.

  4. Select the credit card type by clicking the card logo on the screen.

  5. Enter your card number and expiry date.
  6. Confirm your payment by clicking the 'Pay' button.

  7. If you have previously registered for the 'Verified by VISA' or 'MasterCard SecureCode' service with your card issuing bank, , the page will ask you to enter your pre-registered password/SecureCode to confirm your identity for online payment.

  8. A transition page will appear while waiting for the payment to process.

  9. A 'Thank You' page will appear upon successful credit card payment.

  10. If your credit card payment is unsuccessful, a warning message will pop up. Please contact your card issuing bank for assistance if problem persists.


D. Quick Checkout – Complete your online order in 3 simple steps!
  1. Select “Quick Checkout” button at Homepage.

  2. Review order list to see if it contains all items you want. If no, select “Order Now” to go back to the product page. You can save the product list as your Quick Checkout List when confirming regular order.
  3. Select delivery date and payment method at the confirmation page to complete order.

Remark: You can save the product list as your Quick Checkout List by selecting the checkbox at the bottom of the Checkout Summary during regular order in order to activate the Quick Checkout function.


F. My Products – Build up a collection of your favourite products!
  1. While you are shopping, if you want to bookmark your favourite products, you can click the “Bookmark to My Product” icon below each product photo.

  2. View your collection by choosing Order Now>My Product next time when you’re shopping.

  3. You can delete products from the “My Product” list by clicking the “Delete” icon.


G. My Shopping List – Customize different shopping lists for different occasions.
  1. After each order, at the bottom of the Checkout Summary you will see an option of “Save as My Shopping List”. Select this option if you want to save the current Shopping List for future order.

  2. Next time when you’re shopping again, you can always preview the lists saved in “Order Now>My Shopping List”.

  3. Select the list you want to put the items into your shopping cart. (If you already have some products in your original shopping cart, items from your customized shopping list will be added into your cart and will NOT replace your original order.)
  4. You can delete products from the “My Product” list by clicking the “Delete” icon.


H. Order Status – Comprehensive order status at your clear glance!
  1. You can refer to My Order>Order Status to review outstanding orders.
  2. Order under different status will all be displayed. You can click Order No. to view and change order details.

  3. A Checkout Summary page will be displayed when you click into the order details. You can make changes in your quantity in the product table.
  4. If you want to cancel a particular item, select the “X” button in the right of the product table.
  5. You can also add new item(s) to your order by indicating the product(s) from the pull down table.
  6. You can change the delivery date by clicking the pull down menu and choose from a list of available delivery dates.
  7. After you finish editing the order, select “Confirm Changes”.

    Remark: No change of order will be accepted for orders already in “Delivery in progress” Status or after 5:00pm the day before the scheduled delivery.
I. Change of delivery address – Tell us you are moving!
  1. If you are moving to a permanent address and want to ask us to send the carboy to the new place. “Notification of Change Application Form” can be downloaded by clicking “My Profile>Change of delivery address”.
  2. Please submit the application form with corresponding documentary proof and notify us by mail, fax or via email.

  3. Our Customer Services Officers will call to rearrange with you the new delivery arrangement for future orders within 2 working days.

J. Feedback & Enquiries – Talk to us online!
  1. For any queries, you can find our contact information via “Contact Us” in the menu bar and call our Customer Hotline. Or you are most welcome to send us your feedback under “Contact Us>Feedback” session.


End of Tour

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