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China has a long history of tea brewing. Much literature has been written throughout the generations from the Tang to Ching dynasties to praise the close affinity of tea and water. People classify water suitable for tea brewing into: rainwater, snow water, spring water, lake water and well water, and have different contribution to tea taste. Out of all the various water types, natural spring water makes the most delicious and fragrant tea as spring water is filtrated by sand and rocks and is rich in minerals to give it an extra sweet taste. Nowadays, tea connoisseurs use mineralized water or mineral water to brew tea.

In fact, consumers of many health conscious countries prefer drinking mineral or mineralized water.


Water –The Spring of Life

Water is the ultimate spring of life and the key component of blood and cells in our bodies. About 60% of our bodies are made of water and we need to replenish water in order to strike a balance against the fluid loss during the day. Experts tell us that we should drink 2 liters or 8 x 250ml cups of water each day.

How does water work?

Water plays a key role in our lives and is responsible for transporting what our bodies need such as minerals and nutrients to various organs, tissues and cells, and even act as lubricants for our joints and eyes. Water also regulates body temperature through perspiration of the skin. Drinking plenty of water can help maintain health and beauty as toxins get flushed out of the body and regulate body functions and reduce wrinkles and aging.

Since water goes hand in hand with our daily lives,how much do you know about water in Hong Kong ?

The drinking water in Hong Kong comes from treated water derived from rainwater and from Guangdong province. Almost every household in Hong Kong can directly access the tap water supply.

Tap water contains minute amount of minerals from soil and is safe for consumption after filtration and sterilization with chlorine. However, with the aging of water tanks and pipes in some buildings water quality may be effected.

Mineral water is natural drinking water that is extracted directly from natural springs and is treated and bottled for consumption. Its mineral content and flavour may vary depending on the spring location and hence may affect its taste.

Since Hong Kong does not have a natural spring, most mineral water is imported and the mineral level thus relies on suppliers for whom there are no consistent standards.

Mineralized water or mineralized drink is drinking water that has gone through a multiple process of filtration and sterilization followed by the addition of a consistent level of minerals to ensure water quality and suitability.

Mineralized water tastes different from distilled water given its unique mineral content level.

Distilled water undergoes a process of heating up to 100℃ boiling point under atmospheric pressure which turns water into vapour mode. This is then followed by condensation through lowering the temperature in order to eliminate bacteria, virus, and impurities. To save energy, the process can also be conducted in depressurized mode, which is a common practice among distilled water manufacturers.

Since most of the minerals are removed during the production process, distilled water can only replenish fluids but not the minerals lost during the day. It also does not contain fluoride, which helps to prevent cavities.

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